Release Date: Oct 18th, 2011
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In a music world dominated by Auto-tune and overproduction, Hasidic indie-folk artist Moshe Hecht challenges the status quo of hype over substance with his debut album, Heart is Alive, set for release  October 18th 2011. The album - produced in Seattle by seven-time Emmy winner and Grammy-nominated producer Steven Ray Allen - marks Hecht's much anticipated entrance onto the current folk-revival scene. He has already garnered fans worldwide and played internationally to popular reception with The Moshe Hecht Band, an eclectic group of musicians from diverse backgrounds. The songs on Heart is Alive show a return to true, humble music that celebrate life's everyday moments. Moshe masterfully mixes meaning with melody, telling stories through his music in the vein of Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel - all with a distinctly Hasidic twist.  

Navigating through multiple genres including classic rock and reggae, Moshe uses organic arrangements and his soulful, engaging voice to spread messages of inspiration that speak to people from all walks of life. The title track off the album, weaving English and Hebrew lyrics together over a delicate acoustic guitar, rouses listeners to be spiritually stirred. Moshe's overarching theme echoes the Hasidic concept that inspiration can come from the ordinary and mundane, illustrated most poignantly on the grooving rock track "Inspire Me," and "When I'm In Need" - a powerful song inspired by a humbling encounter with a homeless man Hecht met in Jerusalem. Throughout Heart is Alive, the production channels the intimate quality of the live music experience and Hecht's authentic, uncompromising approach shines.

Heart is Alive is available on iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere music is sold online. The first single “Believers” is available as a free download on Facebook and at Hecht’s official website, . All the latest news can be found on his official Facebook page (, Twitter ( and at

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Hecht may be dressed like a Chasid, but he sings rhythm-and-blues as though he lived his entire life in Mississippi. - Yediot Achronot
A return to true, humble music that celebrate's lifes everyday Moments. - The Jewish Voice

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Bio: Born into a Chassidic family trailing generations of Rabbis,Moshe grew up striving to define himself while staying true to his faith. He turned to singing and songwriting to put the pieces together. Moshe's music draws inspiration from folk, rock, reggae and Chassidic melodies. His lyrics are poetic, honest, and confident, complimented by a voice that is aged with a depth, wisdom and passion. Moshe considers his music a tool for communicating elevating ideas and lessons. The dream, he says, is "to inspire people to connect with their roots in a natural yet powerful way."
In short, Moshe is a Hossid singing Indie-folk-rock music. Contradiction? We think not:) 

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